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A new era of energy storage.

Our vision

We must move our nation towards Net Zero as fast as the speed of innovation allows, or there will be severe and irreversible consequences. The next chapter of that innovation begins with the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB), and we are ready and excited to contribute our part to the global solution.

Invented in Australia, the VRFB has been used all over the world, but has been largely overlooked by the nation that created it. We are now bringing this technology back home, and making it more sustainable and scalable than anyone ever thought possible.



We have spent many years researching and developing these solutions, making sure that we’re fulfilling a real and pressing need in the market in a cost-effective way.
The next phase is the release of our first two products to market. Our aim is to rapidly iterate and perfect them both over the coming year.
Once perfected, we will focus on economies of scale to dramatically drive down costs and increase adoption rates, giving the world a fighting chance against climate change.
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A robust and ultra-portable VRFB battery solution designed to operate in some of the most extreme environments on earth.

Residential Battery

A cutting-edge energy storage solution for solar powered homes, designed as a lifelong asset that reliably powers your home and EV.


An ultra-portable and ultra-powerful solar solution that is designed to be deployed, stowed, then redeployed at lightning speeds.